Life’s A Beach

summer beach chairsNoticing a trend here. Okay, maybe trend is stretching things a bit for a new blog with just a few posts, but of my three categories—writing, books, and life, most of the ideas I’m coming up with seem to fit best under “life.”
I think it’s a sign of the season
Yes, there’s work I need to be doing. There’s always work I need to be doing. But it’s also July. There’s a beach pass that has only been used once. Books in a pile on my floor waiting to be read. Bike rides yet to be taken.
With the Fourth of July now in the rearview, my son’s baseball season heading into it’s final weeks and the RWA conference approaching, I’m becoming aware that summer is marching along. Pretty soon, Target is going to be putting school supplies on sale.
In the Midwest, summer is a precious commodity. Though there’s still plenty left, but at the half-way point I want to make sure that my seasonal to-do list gets as much attention as the one in my black business planner.
So I’m not going to feel guilty about editing just three pages, rather than five today. Or that I haven’t come up with any great “writing” blog posts yet. That time will come. But for now, it’s a beautiful day. Time to get out and enjoy it.

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