An Interview with Nick Zaccardi, Bad Boy Extraordinaire

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Against my better judgement, I’ve invited sports bar owner and Windy City bad boy Nick Zaccardi to be a special guest on Ramblings of A Writer Girl.

Fans of my Red Hot Russians series know that I prefer book boyfriends who behave like gentleman. My good friend Sidney Ivens on the other hand, likes ’em rough around the edges, even if they’re wearing $1000 suits.

And since we’re celebrating “Hardest to Love,” her fabulous debut contemporary romance this month, I’d like to introduce you to Nick, her bearded, blunt alpha hero. I hope you like him as much as a certain women’s studies professor is going to. Click here to enter the giveaway  

Hi, Nick and welcome to Ramblings of a Writer Girl.
NICK: Elizabeth. Liz. I hear you only write “nice guys.” The white hat types. Friendzone guys. Non-threatening genitalia.

Non-threatening what? This is a PG website, Mr. Zaccardi! And my heroes are nice AND hot.
NICK:  (shakes head) Good for you. Just a heads-up. I’m not so nice. Your readers aren’t used to guys like me.    

Don’t be so sure about that. My readers enjoy all kinds of books, and are no stranger to your kind! So,what’s this I hear about you disrupting a women’s studies lecture?

NICK: Look. Normally I’d never be caught dead at a “women’s studies group.” That’s my special idea of hell, a coven of unshaven, snarling man-haters. The only reason – and I mean, the ONLY reason – I’d ever set foot near a women’s studies course is for the real estate. Location, location, location.

See that wheezer of a bookstore over there? It’s failing. And it’s got my name written all over it. Soon you’ll be seeing my new sports bar in its place. First, get me past all these – handmaidens – so I can take on their ringleader.
Wait. Let me get a good look at her. (narrows golden-colored eyes)
Niiiice. That’s some ringleader. And get this. She’s a professor. Hot and naïve and tweed for brains. Putty in my hands. She’ll be signing over the deed in no time.

Hmm. We’ll see about that. She doesn’t look like a pushover to me. What makes you such an expert on the topic? On what women really want?
NICK:  You’d be surprised how good I am at figuring out what women want. (devil-grins)

O-kay…we’ll let everyone read the book to learn more about THAT! On to a safer topic, if you don’t mind! As someone who’s at the top of the hospitality business, food has special meaning for you. Can you tell us about your favorite dish, and the best time and place to enjoy it?

NICK: Hey, I’m Italian. Of course food’s special. Marinara runs through my veins. Hmm. Favorite dish. Something soft and sweet and spicy. Like dessert, for instance. Picture something chocolate-y with whipped cream on a room service table, next to an unmade California king sized bed and strewn clothes.

The professor’s strewn clothes, if things go according to plan. 

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4 thoughts on “An Interview with Nick Zaccardi, Bad Boy Extraordinaire

  1. Elizabeth Harmon says:

    Hi Tory-
    Doesn’t he? The author does a great job with banter– I;m envious. Be sure to enter the giveaway and thanks for stopping by!

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