Skate Break! More from 4 Continents

My DVR is groaning beneath the weight of all our recorded and so far unwatched shows! While Walking Dead will wait until our son is home from college for spring break, I’m doing my best to catch up on the Four Continents competition I recorded two weeks ago.
And as with the Europeans, I was thrilled to discover an exciting new skater. Just as the U.S. has long been known for its Ladies singles skaters, and Russia for its Pairs, Japan is currently overflowing with talented Men’s singles. Eighteen year old Shoma Uno is a rising star making a big impression during his first season at the senior level.  His short program shows that he’s a great performer and an amazing jumper.  Watch his first quad, around 1 minute in. He actually over-rotated, making it a quad and a half. And he landed it!
Commentator Michael Weiss (who landed one of the first quads in competition back  in the early 2000s) said that instead of points deducted for a shaky landing, maybe he should have gotten a bonus for the extra 1/2 rotation. I agree, Michael! 🙂
Enjoy this performance from another up and coming star!

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