New Year’s Resolutions- Chapter 2

By Justin See

Call it a throwback to school days, but Labor Day weekend always puts me in the mood to set goals—aka the dreaded resolution.
In January, it seems like resolutions are all about getting our big butts to The Gym. If we’re not at The Gym we should be, and if we’re not making The Gym tops on our New Year Priority list, there’s something wrong with us. Personally, I’ve never dug The Gym, have little desire to go there, so the whole January resolution thing leaves me cold– no pun intended.
September, however, the focus is on the types of resolutions I enjoy making. These goals are things we want or need to accomplish, and for me this year, there’s a laundry list. Finish Last Fling, Draft 2. Complete my editor’s revisions on Falling Hard. Start the first of draft of Book #3. Prepare for the  National Novel Writing Month workshop I’m doing with Susan Rae and Caryl Dierksen on October 1 at the library.
Plus the usual marketing and social media stuff that needs to be done and gets neglected when I get too busy. Which is why I’ve not put up a blog post in almost two weeks.
But this is about looking forward, not beating myself up for what I haven’t done. So from here on out, I resolve to do a better job of keeping up my blog and social media (Marketing Monday), keeping my checkbook, office and invoices tidy and up-to-date (Finance Friday), using the new Google calendar that will make life much easier (Scheduling Saturday) and to hit my writing goals in between.
There’s fun stuff too. Mastering a two-foot turn, and skating backwards on one foot. Making more pies. Reading. Celebrating my anniversary.
With everyone back in school, it’s a good time to reassess what our goals are, and what we need to meet them. Plus all the school supplies are still on sale. What better way to write down goals than with a rainbow of brand new Sharpies?
It’s a final sprint to make 2014 a year of accomplishment—even if we never set foot in a gym.
Ready, set…GO!

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