January TBR Challenge- Short and Sweet


tti-cover.inddTaking The Ice by Jennifer Comeaux
This novella is the third book in the “Ice” figure skating series, which follows pairs skaters Courtney and Josh. In book one, they fell in love as members of rival pair skating teams, in book two, they endured problems on and off the ice, and now in the trilogy’s final book, are on the cusp of an Olympic season and about to become engaged.
Most of the conflict in this book focuses on whether Courtney and Josh will overcome their on-ice issues to make the U.S. Olympic team. While the two still clash with Josh’s awful family, the couple’s relationship is solid and they’re very much in love.  Josh is gentle and kind-hearted, Courtney is the more vocal half of the couple and in previous books, has shown no qualms about speaking her mind, especially to Josh’s mom. In this book, she’s still quite outspoken, but has a moment of conscience that reflects a new maturity. Comeaux effectively shows how Courtney has grown up, softening a rough edge, while not taking away from her personality.
I appreciated that Comeaux simply allowed them to be happy, and to focus the story on their skating. As a figure skating fan and author, I am in awe of the way this woman writes skating scenes! She captures the couple’s programs beautifully, and her knowledge of the sport shines through.
Readers looking for a sports romance that’s a little different, and not only features a female figure skater, but a male skater as well, should check out the Ice and the earlier Edge series.
I look forward to seeing what Comeaux has in store next!

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One thought on “January TBR Challenge- Short and Sweet

  1. Dorine says:

    Great choice for the TBR Challenge, Elizabeth. I love ice skating too and have never heard of a series of books focusing on a skating couple and now I’ve found two authors who write them!

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