A Few of My Favorite (Holiday) Things

I’d hoped to have a post ready to go when I launched my December giveaway, but this time of year can be hectic, as we all know.

While I haven’t been writing as much since the end of National Novel Writing Month, I have been getting ready for the holidays. Our tree is up, some of the gifts are bought, gatherings are being planned, sappy movies are being watched.

So I’ll share a few of my holiday related favorite things!

Favorite ornaments:

This little Santa dates from the 1940s and was on my mom’s tree when she was a child. The little blue house beside it is one I remember from childhood. When I was in college, my mom would set it aside for me to hang on the tree when I came home.
My husband gave me this Nativity ornament the first year we were married. It’s hung on every one of our trees since. I made the gum wrapper garland when I was in sixth grade, and yes, I chewed most of the Juicy Fruit myself.

Favorite holiday movie

It’s a Wonderful Life
I have no idea how many times I’ve seen it, but I still get teary at the end.

Favorite present:

Mango, who joined our family in December, 2014 after my husband heard me squeal over an orange tabby in a TV commercial, and decided I needed one of my own.

Favorite holiday special:

Scrawny trees, a great musical score, Snoopy dancing and a Christmas pageant gone bad.

Favorite Cookie:

Nothing fancy, just the iced sugar cookies made with the dented cookie cutters we used as kids.

What are some of your favorite holiday things?

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4 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite (Holiday) Things

  1. flchen1 says:

    That is so lovely, Elizabeth! That’s amazing that you still have the handmade gum-wrapper garland!! Our most treasured ornaments are definitely the kid-made ones! And our fave Christmas movie/special is also A Charlie Brown Christmas! Hope you and your family are enjoying some wonderful time together this season!

    • Elizabeth Harmon says:

      Hi Fedora,
      Those little ornaments with first-grade scrawl on the back are the best, even if they embarrass their makers years later.
      Thanks for stopping by, supporting the giveaways and blogs this year, and I hope you and your family enjoy this most
      Wonderful time of the year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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