2016 New Years Resolution: Read More Books!

For writers, reading is akin to exercise for athletes. It’s hard to keep in top shape if you don’t do it. But for me in 2015, reading– at least for pleasure– fell way to the bottom of my to-do list. With two books to promote and two to write, reading for fun got squeezed out of my day.


It’s not something I’m proud of, and I won’t say that I didn’t read anything for fun, but it definitely was far less than I used to.  So this year, I’m doing something about it.


#1- I volunteered as a Romance Writers of America RITA judge. Though it was a requirement to enter Pairing Off in the competition, I look forward to that box o’ books arriving sometime in early January.


#2 I signed up for the TBR Challenge at Wendy the Super Librarian’s website. Last year, to support my many new author friends, I bought a lot of books that I’ve not yet read. There have also been a few books/authors on my to-be-read list for a long time. I hope that 2016 is the year I get to read at least a few of them.


I’ll be blogging about my #2016TBRChallenge on Booklikes, Goodreads, my webpage and across my social media. (Now that they’re all linked…yippee!) Give me a follow and chime in with your 2016 reading challenges and recommendations.


By the way, if anyone out there has a challenge item to read a #SportsRomance or a romance set in Russia….I’m happy to make recommendations. 😉



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2 thoughts on “2016 New Years Resolution: Read More Books!

  1. Tory Ferrera says:

    Hi Elizabeth! Great idea, and I’ve done something similar signing up for the Goodreads 2016 reading challenge. I set an ambitious goal, not sure I can keep it, but I’m gonna try! Maybe we can swap some book suggestions!

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