Thanks Indiana Romance Writers!

Author Elizabeth Harmon's front rorch office

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop to the Indiana Romance Writers RWA Chapter on planning and goal setting.

Creating a business plan is a lot more fun than it sounds! “Dream Big Plan Smart” helped the authors define a vision for their careers, write personal mission statements and set goals for the year that are in line with the statements. The idea was inspired by an awesome series of articles by Maggie Worth, that ran in Romance Writers Report, Sept. -Nov. 2015. For anyone who keeps their back issues around, it’s definitely worth a read.

Of course, the challenge with any plan is sticking to it, but the talented members of Indiana Romance Writers are excited and motivated. Best of luck with your goals!

By the way, any authors looking for a good short conference this fall, should consider IRWA’s event on Oct. 26, featuring the amazing Damon Suede. Details here.

As usual, I forgot to take a photo when I was actually there, so this pix of my front porch office–preparing for the presentation will have to suffice.

Thanks again for a great day ladies.

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21 thoughts on “Thanks Indiana Romance Writers!

    • Elizabeth Harmon says:

      I’ve attended two of Damon’s workshops and he’s incredible. Indianapolis is pretty easy to get around in, too.

  1. Corinne says:

    Writing up a plan is never hard for me FOLLOWING & STICKING to it is for me. 🙋 Great giveaway, thanks for the chance!!!

    • Elizabeth Harmon says:

      I know what you mean. This time of year though it’s a little easier. New notebooks and markers seem to motivate my inner schoolkid.

    • Elizabeth Harmon says:

      Agreed! There’s nothing like interacting with other people who have the same passion you do. You learn a lot.

    • Elizabeth Harmon says:

      There’s one coming next spring in Chicago, too, when my chapter presents there annual Spring Fling. Thanks for stopping by Mya.

  2. Peggy B says:

    It’s hard sticking to a plan. I notice that having goals written out helps me to see where I want to be vs where I am. Great post!

  3. Amy Green says:

    That photo you displayed is drop dead gorgeous. We are talking museum and magazine worthy. I can’t get over how many colors are included together in this one space, bathed in sunlight. ‘Best of luck with your goals.” I like this piece of advice. It’s very easy to get discouraged nowadays so a kind word from time to time can be helpful.

    • Elizabeth Harmon says:

      Thank you! I’ve taken a few photography classes, and though I don’t consider myself particularly skilled, every once and while I get a good shot. I liked this one, and I’m glad you liked it too.
      Good luck in the drawing.

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