Savoring the Moment

This morning, my publisher put my debut novel up for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel.

As an author, 2014 has been full of firsts. The sale of “Pairing Off” (Red Hot Russians #1) to Carina Press in Feb. The first cover, which will be revealed soon. My first editor revision letter. I haven’t been as diligent in chronicling these moments as I’d  intended, but this is one I want to enjoy just a bit, before the reality of freelance work and Red Hot Russians books 2 and 3, still in various stages of completion, diverts my attention.
As I savor the thrill of placing the first order of my book, I can’t help but think back a few years and remember how I once gave up.
Around 2002, I realized that my first novel wasn’t going to sell and my second was hopelessly stalled. I was a busy mom and freelance writer. Becoming a published romance author had been a dream, but one that wasn’t going to materialize. It was something that happened to other people, but not me.
Twelve years later, it is me.
It took a great story idea (which wasn’t the book I sold, by the way), the encouragement of my wonderful husband, family and friends, a few answered prayers, a hard working agent and a lot of butt-in-the-chair time to make it happen, but it did and it can happen for you too.
Whether you’re slogging through your National Novel Writing Month project, diligently practicing your sport or art, or just showing up everyday and doing your best, your dream is waiting to happen.
So I’m going to put Pharrell Willliams’ “Happy” on one more time, and dance around a little more. Then I’ll log off and get back to work, and look forward to the next dream that’s yet to happen.

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