Love in the Spotlight

“Fame means millions of people having the wrong idea about who you are.”– Erica Jong.fame sign

The moment I saw that quote, I knew I wanted to use it. It’s a central idea that’s explored in all of my books. My characters are often famous, and in a few cases, infamous. In both situations, their public image is often at odds with who they really are.
In Falling Hard (a Feb. 2015 release from Carina Press), my characters experience both sides of fame. Carrie is a U.S. champion pairs figure skater until she’s publicly disgraced in a cheating scandal engineered by her skating partner. Though she had no idea what her partner was up to, she’s found guilty by the press and public. In the aftermath, Carrie discovers that she can’t even leave her house, and places she once felt safe, like her training rink and her hometown church, no longer are.  For Anton, an up and coming figure skater living in Russia, rising fame opens doors that might be closed to him otherwise and even gets him out of a few sticky situations.  His experience with fame is positive. Hers is negative. When they become partners, does he lift her up…or does she drag him down?
What is it about being famous?
Never having been famous, the idea has always fascinated me. Celebrity dirt mags like InTouch, Us Weekly and People are guilty pleasures when I’m waiting in the check-out line or to get my hair cut. Show me a link to a story about who some star is dating or not dating, chances are good,  I’ll click on it. I’m sure there’s some deep seated psychological wish-fulfillment reason in there, but I think what’s more interesting to me isn’t the glamour, but the day to day reality of everyone knowing your business.
Especially when what they think they know isn’t true.
Falling Hard explores the lives of those who are famous. The second book in my series, Last Fling, is set on a reality shows and explores the lives of characters who want to be famous. The third book in the series– title TBD– will feature a character who was once famous and hopes to be again.
Are happy endings possible for those who live and love in the public eye? The romance writer in me says yes.
What do you think?

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